Strong culture is said to exist where staff and employees are alert and respond to stimulus because of their dedication to company values. Shreeji follows a constructive work culture pattern where people are encourage to commnicate with their co-workers and work as teams, rather than only individuals.

Shreeji stresses on:

   Personal Growth

'One who is not happy cannot make others happy' is the simple logic that we apply in business. Only when we set target for our own personal growth and challenge ourselves can we perform better. And when every individual performs well the team is bound to succeed.

   Team & Encouragement

Be thoughtful, considerate and sensitive to others needs and provide people with support and encouragement is something Shreeji has been doing and advises its employees to do. Only a United and good team can function together like spokes of wheel taking the company further to greater heights.

The company also from time to time takes initiatives and develops programs for the welfare of the employees and their families.


We believe in the simple formula that

             Hard work + Innovation = Success + Target Achievement

We think ahead, plan, explore and work hard to achieve and of course we do learn from our mistakes.